DCB-I Folding Door Control Card

DCB-I is a door control card which is designed for folding type doors. Door movements can be performed fast and safely by intelligent control algorithm. It is possible to achieve properly, safely and fast door solutions with high technology.

DCB-I performs fast and smooth door movements by PID algorithm and S curve. It contains high power output components. Thus minimizes failure risks of mechanical friction effects on door movement.

DCB-I has five zones control algorithm for both open and close. It uses S curve for acceleration and deceleration ramps..

Device protects motors and itself from overload and short circuit situations by monitoring current.

  Maksimum Minumum Önerilen Birim
Supply Voltage - - 20 V-AC
Supply Voltage Frequency 50 60 50 Hz
Supply Transformer Power - 60 100 Wat
LP1-LP2 Inputs Voltage 240 100 220 V-AC
Working Temperature 70 5 25 ºC
DC Signal Input Voltage(OL and CL) 30 20 24 V
DC Current consumption (OL and CL) 8,36 4,6 5,7 mA
DC Signal Output Voltage (Encoder and COM) 30 20 24 V
DC Supply Current (Encoder and COM) 200 - - mA
Motor Voltage 24 - - V
Motor Current 10 - - A
Motor Speed 5000 - - RPM
Encoder pulse out per revolution 50 20 40 A

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