LCB-I Elevator Control Card

LCB-I Card is fully compatible with EN 81-1 / 2+A3 (Safety rules for Electrical and hydraulic elevators and installation) and 95/16/AT Elevator Regulations. It can be used with electrical, hydraulic and machine roomless elevators..
LCB-I has state of art technological infrastructure. Thus all elevator system communicates with each other and installation is just to connect system equipment to each other with standard cables.
Device allows for manufacturing full security control panels with less component and installment by means of new generation 32 bit ARM microcontroller than Conventional control cards.
LCB-I minimizes size of panels by its small size (22.5cm x 8cm). Also control panel internal connections are minimized with serial cabling.
• Works up to 48 floors.
• Communicates with other elements of system (COP, LOP, door control card (DCB-I/DCB-I), etc.) through CAN bus.
• 2 separate door type can be defined for each floors.
• Floor and cabin buttons can be assigned without need of addressing.
• Group working mode can be performed by just connecting LCB-I cards to each other through serial line (RS-485) and activating ‘group mode work’ parameter.
• Shaft recognition (Car positioning) can be performed easily by simplified menu.
• Different inputs and outputs can be obtained with programmable inputs/outputs for special cases.
• Elevator status can be monitored easily with 7 segments displays on the device.
• All electronic components which are used are obtained world-competitive manufacturers.
• Mono block magnet car positioning makes installation easy.
• Simplifies control panel cabling.
• HT-II hand terminal allows reaching parameter settings from hall and cabin also.
• Elevator parameters can be monitored and changed online by RTU-I through internet.
• Motor driver settings can be done through simplified HT-II hand terminal menu by connecting motor driver to LCB-I with ‘inverter connector’.
• Size is just 22,5cm x 8cm.
• Multilanguage support ( Turkish, English, Arabic, Italian, Russian, German, French and Greek).
• Parameters can be copied with HT-II.
• Pre-door opening, automatic re-leveling, UCM over speed governor, UCM coil control, Supply voltage regulation can be performed by using DCB-I card without need of external card.
• If LCB-I detects unintended car movement, blocks the system. And then system can set as normal operation mode by only authorized personal.
• Controls shortened door safety circuit.
• Controls re-leveling maximum time and stop delay time.
• Controls machine break contact input.
• Controls phase sequence and phase voltage levels internally.
• Can perform fire and earthquake modes.

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