SSM-I Announcement Card

SSM-I is an acoustic announcement system that is developed for elevators. The production has hardware and software property which is suitable for technology. It support that lots of alert kinds. In addition ıt is possible for setting voice easily by superior software. Also more than one voice can be announced in a sequence (for example playing Turkish, English, Arabic floor announcement in an order) and some/all of them can be repeated until signal disappear.

The voices can be loaded to MicroSD cart in MP3 format. Device supports FAT/FAT32 file systems, which means memory can be extended up to32 GB.MP3 files are compressed file format so 200-500 voice files can be loaded into 1 GB MicroSD cart.

Device can play high quality MP3 files ( 96Khz-16 bit mono or stereo). State of art hardware design minimizes distortion on output by eliminating external distortion sources(i.e. fluorescent lamp, door motor, etc.).

Additionally inputs and outputs are protected against to over voltage/ current and miss placed power inputs situations. Positive(+) and negative (-) trigable lift positioning signal inputs provide flexibility. The LEDs on device simplify maintenance and trouble shooting.

Device supports up to64 floors in binary, gray and ML counter modes, -19 to 19 floors in 7 segment mode.

Floor input signals can be;
* Gray,
* Binary,
* 7 Segment ve
* ML Counter

  Maksimum Minumum Önerilen Birim
supply Voltage 30 10 20 Volt-DC
Working Temperature 60 5 25 ºC
DC Signal Input Voltage 30 17 24 V
Current Consumption 200 - - mA
Voice Output Power 3W - - Watt
Speaker Empedance 16 4 4 Ohm

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